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Lifelong Learning | The Royal College of Anaesthetists In August 2018, the College launched its new Lifelong Learning platform which replaced the old e-Portfolio and incorporates Logbook functionality. Training in anaesthesia | The Royal College of Anaesthetists Those who have completed paper copies of the ILTC outside the LLp should send a scanned copy to the training department at training@rcoa.ac.uk. Please ensure you keep original copies safe. Your prospective completion date will be calculated by the College after your certificate is completed and you have commenced ST5. Workplace based assessment | JRCPTB

29 Jun 2019 Save as PDF For example, some will have a consultant supervising a trainee-led clinic and completing a mini CEXs or CBD. Royal College of Anaesthetists (RCoA) have also produced extensive guidelines and resources 

Case-based Discussion [CbD] CbD assessment form for Intensive Care Medicine. Mini Clinical Evaluation Exercise [ICM-CEX] Mini-CEX assessment form for Intensive Care Medicine . Acute Care Assessment Tool [ACAT] ACAT assessment form . ACAT Guidance. Guidance on the use of the ACAT assessment tool . Refugee Council of Australia: Supporting refugees people In 2020, Australians are being asked to “make a resolution that counts”. Thousands will take action to welcome refugees and people seeking asylum, as part of the Refugee Council of Australia (RCOA…

http://www.gmc-uk.org/ACCSCurriculum_April2012.pdf_48572157.pdf_56514255.pdf. ACCS is a assessment using the Mini-CEX descriptor tool or a pass/fail CbD. RCoA for the overall completion of basic level anaesthetic core training.

The various workplace based assessment methods are described below. These methods will be used in different ways by different specialties and not all specialties will use all methods. Please refer to the relevant curriculum for details. These assessment tools are available online in the ePortfolio. Adding a review of your CPD activity - RCoA Online CPD revalidation@rcoa.ac.uk cpd@rcoa.ac.uk Adding a review of your CPD activity When adding a review you are required to record the learning outcomes from the CPD activity and any resulting further learning needs identified. Once saved you can edit or add to what you have recorded in these fields anytime. What you record will appear on

The e-Portfolio is a web-based system that allows trainees to manage their training progress. Trainee Access. In order to access the system as a Trainee - you must be a registered trainee member of the RCoA and hold a substantive training post.. Trainer Access

A resource for patients and healthcare professionals to support prescribing of opioid medicines for pain Appendix 2 ACCS Specialty Specific Assessments forms and Appendix 2. ACCS Specialty Specific Assessments forms & and EM Work Place Based Assessment Forms. RCEM. July 2015. Table of Contents Page ACCS -Emergency Medicine WPBA forms MiniCex CbD Summative CbD form 22 Formative CbD form 23 CbD descriptors 24 DOPs EM DOPs form 25 Practical procedures DOPs descriptors 26 1. Higher Level Training (ST5-7) CCT in Anaesthetics 2010