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Lung Damage From Vaping in Mice. The e-cigarette industry adamantly promotes vaping as a safe alternative to smoking regular cigarettes. Not true, according  Effects similar to those seen in regular smokers and patients with chronic lung. The researchers conclude that the vaping process itself can damage vital  20 Sep 2019 Pennsylvania Teen Develops Severe Lung Damage with Areas That Look Like Solid “'Well, this flavored oil in vapes is your bacon grease. 1 Nov 2019 Across the U.S., an epidemic of severe lung disease is affecting people who vape. Although vapers don't expect to end up in the intensive care 

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9 Oct 2019 A new study shows that smoking even a few cigarettes a day is harmful to lungs and that former smokers continue to lose lung function at a  30 Oct 2017 Graphic content: You may not realise the damage smoking or even second-hand smoking does to your lungs . . .

The world's largest online media portal for the vapor market featuring daily news, products, advocacy, market insights, guides, and deals.Příchutě Vaping Soda distributorem E-cigaret, clearomizerů a příslušenství té nejvyšší kvality. Umíme e-kouřit a chceme to naučit i vás!

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“Tree-in-Bloom”: Severe Acute Lung Injury Induced by Vaping Cannabis Oil Marijuana smoke inhalation, which may be associated with damage to the 

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